Ali Zafar Foundation distributes Eid Package in collaboration Nice Welfare Society.

Ali Zafar Foundation in collaboration with Nice Welfare Society distributed Eid Packages to more than 100 families in Lahore....

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Target of 5000 “Rashan” Achieved

With the grace of God and your help, we have achieved our target of distributing food “Rashan” to 5000 families by Eid. I cannot thank you all enough for your love and trust. But when we see the level of poverty around us, it’s heartbreaking. Special thanks to Governor Punjab…...

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Shining Stars of our Industry raise their voices for Ali Zafar Foundation

Our deepest gratitude to the shining stars of our industry who raise their voice to help those in need by supporting the Ali Zafar Foundation make a difference.With your donations Ali Zafar Foundation is continuing to make this world a better place; uniting under faith and discipline in this Holy…...

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