Ali Zafar Donates Half Of His Earning From LSA To Edhi Foundation

Ali Zafar, an icon for Pakistan, was recently seen hosting in Lux Style Awards 2016. Almost every celebrity participated. Many had performed outstanding stage performances and made the night memorable. Ali Zafar, besides hosting the show, also gave tribute to two great legends of Pakistan who made us proud all around the world, Amjad Sabri and Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Their services for this country are truly remarkable and unforgettable and to this, Ali Zafar made an announcement that he will be donating 50% of his earning from Lux Style Awards to the Edhi Foundation. This proves that Ali Zafar and many others, who showed their gratitude for Abdul Sattar Edhi, don’t think for themselves only. And this is what we all should do and prove to others by our actions that we are a nation not to think vulnerable.

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