Ali Zafar Extends Financial Aid To 250 Musicians Before Eid

Rockstar Ali Zafar provided aid to financially distressed musicians across Punjab before Eid.

According to details, Super Star Ali Zafar distributed cash to 250 families across the province on behalf of Ali Zafar Foundation.

When people associated with the music industry faced difficulties due to the lockdown, singer Ali Zafar came to the rescue of his community. Before Eid, a grant of Rs. 1 million was distributed among musicians belonging to Punjab.

Ali Zafar wrote in a Tweet, Today with the grace of God & your help v were able to give financial aid to 250 musicians. So far Ali Zafar Foundation has helped appx. 1000 musicians, 7000 families in total incl. 800 Christian families & 700 families from our transgender communities.”

Having said this there is a large number of musicians, artists and technicians that are still awaiting help from the Govt. Dear President Dr Arif Alvi, we had forwarded a list of deserving musicians to your team, urge you to disperse funds on an urgent basis,” the Rockstar singer added.

Ali Zafar Foundation representative Muhammad Taha said that so far Ali Zafar Foundation has distributed Rs. 4,000 to 250 families.

Muhammad Taha, a representative of Ali Zafar Foundation, added that since the beginning of the lockdown, assistance has been provided to deserving people. He also shared data of financially distressed artists with the government.

The musicians said that the financial support received before Eid would ease their problems to some extent.

The musicians further said that Ali Zafar is a true artist with heartache and there is no other example of the way he has supported us in this difficult time.

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