Ali Zafar performing at SOS Children’s Villages will melt your soul

Ali Zafar is a force to be reckoned with, to say the least – but it isn’t just in the showbiz department, but in the branch of humility and humanism.

Ali Zafar pens heartfelt note for ‘Teefa in Trouble’ team

His benevolence deserves headlines – as to promote the culture of generosity, kindness and goodwill amid the citizens of our nation and local celebrities alike.

We undoubtedly need to watch and learn from the Teefa in Trouble star who was recently spotted at the SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan, and what happened next was compassion personified.

Clad in a traditional, plain white shalwar kameez, Ali let go of his superstar persona to gel with underprivileged kids, leaving a lasting footprint in their little hearts. Singing to them soulfully while he handsomely played the guitar only amplified our goosebumps-inducing emotions.

Talk about executing a concert that actually matters! Not only did he elate the day of these kids but made me fathom as to what an authentic rockstar looks like.

I hope he continues to spread the message of love and exclusivity – and continues on to prove that humanity is, in fact sexy. To be honest, my heart just melted like butter under a stifling-hot knife!

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Just look at him!

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