Ali Zafar raises over USD 1 Million for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust!

While it’s no surprise that celebrities all over the world are known for their philanthropic activities, Pakistani stars raise the bar even higher by proving that they too, can raise a heaping amount of funds with their talent in no time! The latest to do so is none other than rockstar Ali Zafar.

Raising over USD 1 Million, Ali was part of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre fundraiser which took form as a 5-city US tour. Through the events, the singer was able to raise funds for the construction of the pediatric unit at the SKCMH.

li embarked on this entire fundraising mission for the hospital in November appearing at fundraisers for the hospital across 5 cities, speaking, motivating and at times singing to audiences too. Thousand showed up in each city for Ali Zafar and a few days ago in Washington alone, the singer raised over USD 350,000.

Now, if that isn’t a reason to love Ali Zafar even more than we don’t know what is!

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