AZF on the ground for flood relief efforts in Sindh

MIRPURKHAAS, 11th September 2022: The Ali Zafar Foundation team reached the village of Padamji Meghwar near Mirpurkhaas in interior Sindh to set up a 100 tent ‘city’. The Foundation provided shelter for 100 families that have lost their homes due to the recent heavy rains and floods in that area. For this purpose, it collaborated with the University of Home Economics which, under the direction of VC Prof. Dr. Kanwal Ameen, contributed with packages containing basic amenities to help the community return to a sense of dignified living as far as possible.

The village and surroundings include mainly areas where homes are either inundated or collapsed, in many cases causing heavy material losses. AZF’s own team was on the ground to ensure that the most deserving were served first in the provision of supplies so they can get a foothold on returning to normal life. Packages distributed amongst the affected include feminine hygiene products, clothes for adults and children, footwear, floor mats, pillows and bedcovers, quilts, matchboxes and soap.

AZF Executive Director Khadija Amjad said this is a time for everyone to come together as we try to improve living conditions for those worst affected by the devastation. “Those of us who were spared are in a doubly responsible position to help those who have lost everything. Our collaboration with the University of Lahore led by UHE VC Prof. Dr. Kanwal Ameen is a demonstration of the spirit we believe is needed to overcome the destruction wrought upon our nation by the wrath of nature this year,” she said.

With support from its generous friends and donors, Amjad said, AZF was able to continue to show care for underserved parts of society. “Of the families AZF catered to, nearly 80% belonged to our Hindu community. We are committed to share in ameliorating suffering and pain at this time, and will continue in the days and weeks ahead,” she concluded.

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