Eidi, candy and smiles at the Edhi Family Home

29th April 2022: Singer and Actor Ali Zafar accompanied AZF for a visit to the Bilquis Edhi Family Home in Lahore on Jumma tul Vida to share in the joy of Eid preparations. Conducted under the auspices of the Ali Zafar Foundation, the visit served to underscore Zafar’s vision for community service, and as an occasion to spread good cheer during the final days of the holy month of Ramzan running up to Eid.

Eidi and candy were shared with all residents, both male and female, children as well as adults aged 6 to 90 years. Many of these precious souls have been abandoned by their relatives or were abandoned as newborn babies, and have never known their parents or families.

AZF Executive Director Khadija Amjad said Eid is a time that brings the community together as we celebrate with family and loved ones. “At AZF, we believe in a culture of inclusion, and there is no better occasion than Eid ul Fitr to care for those who have no family to call their own at this time,” she said.

With support from its generous friends and donors, Amjad said, the Ali Zafar Foundation was able to continue to show care for parts of society sometimes overlooked. “We wanted to share in the spirit of this most holy month, and take a moment to bring some good cheer to the beautiful extended family at the Bilquis Edhi Home,” she concluded.


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