1. Water Wheels to take the Burden off Women’s Shoulders

    Ali Zafar Foundation has supported over 100 women in Thar, providing them a 100 water wheels, facilitating the provision of clean and accessible water to their families by donating to Tayaba.org

  2. Donation to Edhi Foundation

    The Ali Zafar Foundation has generously donated to the Edhi Foundation in efforts to support the late Edhi Sahab’s cause.

  3. Donation to the Children First Society, Karachi

    Not only children’s education but their health is also part of our mission. The donation was to help those children who suffer from life threatening diseases with serious conditions.

  4. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital

    Ali Zafar has been passionately engaged since the very beginning of his stardom with SKMH in raising funds and by performing for free. He has done this to support the cause of free treatment of cancer patients. For this he received recognition by the Hospital at a special ceremony.

    We also work towards helping destitute patients by using AZ Foundations’ funds in getting treatment.