1- Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust

Ali Zafar Foundation sponsored the higher education of 50 girls studying at Sanjan Nagar.

2- Sunshine School

Sponsored the yearly education of 6 children in Sunshine School; an institute, providing quality education to the underprivileged living in the slums of Township area.

3. The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

Mr. Ali Zafar has endorsed the “141 schools for peace” Initiative by The Citizens Foundation, and is regularly not only raising funds to meet their pledge but also donating through AZ towards TCF’s kind cause.

4. The Learning Hubs

These education centres have been established for the children and youth of unknown parentage, dancing girls and musicians, for families living below the poverty line and marginalized communities. They provide a learning space where children are prepared  academically, socially and psychologically to become well adjusted and contributing citizens. The learning center provides an accelerated curriculum to bring older children to their grade level proficiency.

5- Ali Zafar Endowment Fund at University of the Punjab

Besides promoting primary education, AZF endowment fund has been created at the University to help the brilliant but needy students in the continuation of their higher education.

6- Government Schools adopted

The foundation has adopted the following two Government Schools and have upgraded their infrastructure in terms of building, furniture, water filters and water coolers, toilets and computers:

i) Government Primary School for Boys located in village “LIDHER” on Bedian Road, Lahore.

ii) Government Middle School for Girls located in village “KARBATH” on Bedian Road, beyond Rohi drain.