Ali Zafar Foundation joins hands with SID (Sustainable Intervention Drive), Akhuwat, WCLA & PACP to reach out to the most marginalised segment of our society; families of dancing girls, musicians and trans-genders.

Inauguration of our Learning Hub at Karim Park was a family affair as Mrs. Ayesha Ali Zafar cut the ribbon, Mrs. Kanwal Ameen mixed up with the women and children and Ali Zafar vouched to fight against the exploitation and abuse of these women and children.

The Centre is currently providing a safe haven to 70 plus children of Bagh Munshi Ladha and provides employment to former dancers, musicians and trans-genders.

Just a glimpse of a few successful interventions;

A dancing girl was being forced to serve at a brothel on account of loans at exuberant interest rates. The loan was paid off. She was given employment as a Social Mobiliser, her children study at the Karim Park Centre and a home is provided to her family of 7.

A musician and his family unable to pay rent were made to slave for the landlords, their 10- year-old boy worked at a button shop from morning till night. The rent was paid off, family shifted, the boy is enrolled, father who has polio, a skilled ada worker, manages the Stitching Centre and his wife looks after the Value Hub (Thrift Shop).

A physically challenged 12 year old boy with a congenital deformity from the family of dancing girls, made to beg, is currently enrolled. The elder sister will be soon joining our upcoming Stitching Centre ensuring that she stays away from the family trade.

A 13-year-old girl, who might have become a victim of human trafficking has been sponsored, is learning to read, write and stitch. Ali Zafar Foundation has taken up the task of her vocational training and the responsibility of her safe, secure and bright future making sure she dresses up in a school uniform and not dancing attire.

A musician’s family where the male members have taken to drugs and a destitute woman had to stay up the whole night, every night, soothing her 3 children who had a bad case of scabies. They are being treated, provided with towels, blankets and clothes that can be changed on a daily basis. They now manage to sleep, have been enrolled in School and as soon as they are completely cured they will be joining classes.

A tailor and his wife who used to stitch dancing outfits have been employed to stitch school uniforms.

A trans-gender is now working as a Social Mobiliser. Loan is being extended to her and will soon be setting up her food cart in the Food Street. She will also be providing livelihood opportunities to other trans-genders.

Iftaari By Ali Zafar Foundation (20-05-2018)

Ali Zafar Foundation (Collaborating Partner for Learning Hub, Bagh Munshi Ladha)

The wait before iftaar made easy as Ali Zafar played Yasu Panju, took pictures, conversed and laughed with these kids, the children of inner city from families of musicians, dancing girls and the destitute. Talwat, Hamd and naat by our staff and children touched and everyone present. Every mother had a dua for him and his entire family for making this safe heaven for their children.

Ayesha, Ali Zafar’s wife was a familiar face being a frequent visitor, the presence of her mother and children, brother and his family made this a grand family Iftaari, a rare sight in these dark haunts of our city.