AZF’s areas of work: welfare and education

The Ali Zafar Foundation works in two main areas: social welfare and education. Our principal focus is inclusivity regardless of social status, religious background, race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, gender identity, or gender expression.

AZF’s social welfare and uplift projects came into being when Pakistan, along with the rest of the world, was hit with Covid-19 restrictions that disproportionately effected day-wage earners and other vulnerable sections of society, such as the transgender community.

Our work in education is centered on our adopted government schools where we endeavor to introduce continuous improvements to provide optimal physical infrastructure, quality of education, and personality development opportunities for students from classes 1 through matriculation to give them the best possible chance to learn and grow into healthy members of society.



To provide opportunities and access to education and health to those less fortunate, free of any discrimination. To also create more environmental awareness and wellbeing.



The Ali Zafar Foundation believes in healthy, progressive, empowered and clean living. Our mission is multi faceted: to promote the empowerment of women through access to equal education and opportunities; to also bolster the youth with a focus on schools and safe learning; to promote access to health for the lesser privileged and finally, to create more environmental awareness.


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In these testing times, it is most important that we use all our resources to help those who have none. Nobody should go hungry in the lockdown. Help us help them. Join the movement. Donate generously.