"You can't be a star, if you don't shine for others"

Ali Zafar

Bridging Disparities, Empowering Lives, Going Green


"Providing access to education, digital skills, emotional health,
and a green environment."


"Championing the Cause of an Inclusive,
and Green World."

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Our Vision

To provide opportunities and access to education and health to those less fortunate.

Our Mission

Championing the Cause of an Inclusive, Equitable, and Green World

Our Goals

Aligning with UN SDGs, we aim to empower marginalized communities and combat climate

Our Journey

Ali Zafar has always been committed to serving marginalized communities, both individually and by working with other credible organizations. The Ali Zafar Foundation (AZF) was established in 2015 to expand the mission of sharing the blessings of those who have with those who do not. During this time, the Foundation has contributed in many ways to the cause of education, poverty reduction, and health. The Foundation made an extraordinary contribution to helping the poor affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and extensive floods in 2022. 



Our Goals

We aligned our goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to bring about positive changes in the lives of marginalized communities in Pakistan. Moreover, it is also crucial to work towards a green climate, especially considering the alarming increase in carbon emissions, population, and deforestation in Pakistan.
1. Quality Education (SDG4)
2. No Poverty (SDG1)
3. Climate Action (SDG13)
4. Reduced Inequalities (SDG10)
5.Good Health and Wellbeing (SDG3)


Experience the Impact

Join us now to make your impact

In these testing times, it is most important that we use all our resources to help those who have none. Nobody should go hungry in the lockdown. Help us help them. Join the movement. Donate generously.