AZF, a devoted non-profit organization committed to community development and education enhancement, recently orchestrated a memorable Eid celebration at Govt. Girls’ High School, Karbath. Students and teachers alike were immersed in a vibrant atmosphere filled with spirited activities. The highlight of the event was the personal involvement of AZF’s CEO, Mr. Ali Zafar and Secretary, Prof. Dr. Kanwal Ameen. Both personally distributed gifts to each student and teacher, symbolizing AZF’s commitment to spreading happiness and fostering a sense of belonging within the school.

Additionally, they awarded prize money to the toppers of each class, recognizing and applauding the students’ academic achievements. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Ali Zafar praised the students for their dedication and encouraged them to continue striving for excellence in their studies. Furthermore, Mr Ali Zafar promised AZF’s unwavering support in upgrading the school’s physical environment, the establishment of a reading corner, and the upgrading of a computer lab, already established by AZF. He affirmed “We believe that every child deserves access to quality education in a conducive environment. Our upcoming projects aim to enhance learning experiences and provide students with the resources they need to succeed.”

The event concluded with expressions of gratitude from the school administration, students, and teachers.